Artists We Represent

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Bolotin - Seed Form 4 colour - side a.jpeg

Deirdre Bean

Yvonne Boag

Rae Bolotin

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Janet Dawson.jpeg

Annabel Butler

Tanya Chaitow

Janet Dawson

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Rachel Fairfax.jpeg

Viola Dominello

Merran Esson

Rachel Fairfax

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Rod Holdaway 2019 On King Street 45.5 cm 35.5 cm Oil and archival collage on cotton duck.j
Judy Holding.jpeg

Ashley Frost

Rod Holdaway

Judy Holding

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edit Red Flag Figures, 110cm x 100cm, oil on canvas, 2020 �8800.jpeg
Ian Marr.jpeg

Di Holdsworth

Steve Lopes

Ian Marr

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Richard cover.jpg
Prue Venables.jpeg

Denese Oates

Richard Spoehr

Prue Venables

Jane Gerrish, 'Coil', 2021, charcoal, pastel pencil, 24 x 24 cm.jpg
fusion inside out_edited.jpg

Jane Gerrish

Riste Andrievski

Trevor Weekes


emergent Program

emergent is a curated annual SDFA program that showcases work from the best Australian emerging artists. Each year SDFA selects three artists from the National Art School and UNSW Art and Design graduate shows to take part. The program discovers new talent and plays a critical role in supporting gifted emerging artists to transition from art school to professional practice.


Frankie LA

Xanthe Muston

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Charlotte Fetherston


Exhibited Artists

Betty Bray

Catherine Hickson


Nicolette Eisdell


Ian Gentle


Roslyn Kean


Eric Löbbecke


Corrinne Loxton


Liz Shreeve


Tiziana Tringali


Lachlan Warner

Anoma W Is it a trick of the light 2019.jpeg

Anoma Wijewardene