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Denese Oates | Arboreal

2 August - 27 August, 2022

Opening event 6 August, 3-5pm

The work in this exhibition is both a celebration of landscape, and a lament of the way humanity treats the natural world.

Textures and colours found in the aftermath of the bushfires and the signs of regeneration rising from the ashes have been influential in the making of these sculptures. The play of leaves in branches, scars and stains on bark, the texture of burnt wood represented here pay homage to the environment.

The contrast of new growth and burnt vegetation is shown in the artist’s use of the materials; recycled copper fashioned into twigs and leaves, discarded grapevines, spent gum nuts, remnants of burnt wood from the forest floor, and found materials such as an old WARNING sign, hat blocks and shoe lasts.

Click for full image and artwork details.

Artwork photography by Michèle Brouet.

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