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Tanya Chaitow | In Dreams I Wake

3 December - 21 December, 2019

In dreams I wake slips into Tanya Chaitow’s world of romantic landscapes and chimeric beings. Ambiguity and whimsy are important elements in Chaitow’s works. Her fanciful paintings blur past and present, fact and fictions, internal and external reality. Adopting a naïve style, she is able to work intuitively to capture fleeting mental states and her poetic works are charged with a powerful psychological resonance. These romantic, almost ‘fairy tale’ depictions have the surreal quality of dreams; where they don’t quite make sense. However, it is through embracing dreams and these dreamlike qualities in her art that the artist feels most attuned to her sense of self

Tanya Chaitow.jpeg

Ashley Frost | At Bundanon

29 October - 30 November, 2019

The work in Journey to Adelaide resulted from a road trip taken last year. The trip took Yvonne Boag through Gundagai, Wagga Wagga, across the Hay Plains, into Victoria and then onto Adelaide through the Adelaide Hills. This trip came about soon after a visit to South Korea, giving rise to quite an intense experience of the stark contrast in seasonal, environmental and cultural encounters.


Liz Shreeve | The Persistence of Blue

24 September - 26 October, 2019

From the Ancient Egyptians to Yves Klein Blue, the colour blue has been a point of fascination and inspiration for art, culture, music and science. In her The Persistence of Blue Liz Shreeve looks to the everyday occurrence of blue, inspired by her observations of the colours of posters in shop windows. Unlike pigments in artists’ watercolours and inks, printing inks fade in strong light turning something brash and gaudy into a thing of subtle beauty.

Liz Shreeve, 'Persistence of Blue 9', 2019, ink on cut and folded paper, 28 x 28 cm.jpg

Richard Spoehr & Prue Venables| Ceramics

20 August - 21 September, 2019

Across the work of Spoehr and Venables is a celebration of everyday objects. The artists successfully create works that appear deceptively simple, however these are mastered processes. With an eye for balance, the ceramics are distilled with a minimal palette, yet excitingly push and elevate the functional forms to another level of distinctive refinement and poise.

Richard Spoehr, 'Still life', 2021, porcelain, 40 x 17 cm (variable).jpeg

Tanya Chaitow, Janet Dawson & Di Holdsworth| Golden Moon: 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing

16 July - 17 August 2019

Marking the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing, Tanya Chaitow, Janet Dawson and Di Holdsworth look back to the moment that shifted Cold War power structures and captured the world’s imagination simultaneously in a single footstep. Embracing the madness that surrounds the moon; the mythologies, the space race to land, the hoax theories of Neil Armstrong’s landing, and even David Bowie’s Space Oddity, the artists revel in the energy and lunacy that the moon can inspire.

Tanya Chaitow Moonsong series 2 (1-30) 2019  acrylic on board 15 x 15 cm each.jpeg

Merran Esson & Steve Lopes | Tree Change

11 June - 13 July, 2019

Tree Change presents new work by Steve Lopes and Merran Esson, whose work explores the changing seasons and landscape through the shift in the trees.

ME The Roundness of Silence.jpg

Rod Holdaway & Denese Oates | Push and Pull of the City / Ebb and Flow of Nature

7 May - 8 June, 2019

Working within the city Rod Holdaway fragments and dissects familiar streetscapes and public parks, with their materiality simultaneously captured and dissolved. Playing with perception the works engage the viewer to navigate through the push and pull between the layers of paint and collage. Summing up this new stage, he states, “There is complexity and beauty in the interaction between space and form, between constructed elements and natural elements in inner-city suburbs. These paintings are about expressing something of that living world.”

Throughout her practice Denese Oates has explored natures potential, drawing links from biology to botany. Finding inspiration in nature she creates delicate odes to its intriguing forms. Oates is fascinated by contrasts and ambiguities, and by the human relationship with other living organisms. She captures flora in different stages of development, budding, sprouting, branching and tangling. Oates says she is "interested in the vulnerability of nature".​

Rod Holdaway 2019 Cathedral 46 cm x 91.5 cm  Oil and archival collage on cotton duck..jpg

Janet Dawson | Bright Night

2 April - 4 May, 2019

Janet Dawson presents Bright Night a new series of abstract and representational paintings that celebrate her curiosity for the clouds and the moon.

A subject of long held affection, the moon first appeared in Dawson’s early abstract, geometric paintings in the 1970s. The eve of the millennium was a time of great uncertainty with the prophesised collapse of civilisation Dawson bought a telescope to paint the first of the tondos – articulating the moon upside down with all its character.

Janet Dawson Bright Night 2 2019 acrylic on birch wood 50 x 60 cm.jpg

Deirdre Bean | Fish and Other Things

5 March - 30 March, 2019

Deirdre Bean presents Fish and other things, a cabinet of curiosities that delights in the spoils of collecting and the catch. From delicate compositions of Bracken fern and a cicada, to a John Dory with two shells, or a heaped pile of Lantana and a spider, Deirdre Bean collects the natural world. This attention to the minutiae of her surroundings has been ongoing in her work, as she writes, “since my childhood I have been inspired by the natural world. Our family home was surrounded by pristine bush. The nearby beach and river were an idyllic playground. My father was an expert fisherman, and it seemed we had an endless supply of food from the sea. My recent paintings are inspired by those times.”

Redfish .jpg

Annabel Butler, Viola Dominello, Steve Lopes, Corrine Loxton| Summer 2019

5 February - 2 March, 2019

In Summer 2019, our artists have responded to the sublime nature of an Australian summer; both its awe inspiring beauty and its wild and terrifying potential. Each artists has engaged with their local experience of the summer months, including around the Hawkesbury, the South Coast, rural NSW, in and around Sydney, the Blue Mountains, and Tasmania. From the crackling, dry heat through to refreshing coastal scenes, the artists capture the unique qualities of summertime

Steve Lopes Day Trippers 2018  oil on canvas 61 x 64 cm.jpeg
2019: Past Exhibitions
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