Richard Spoehr and Prue Venables New Work 2018 hero

Richard Spoehr & Prue Venables

New Work
4 September - 6 October 2018
Opening Saturday 8 September, 3 - 5 pm

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Attracted to essential forms, RICHARD SPOEHR imbues functional everyday items with a delicate simplicity. Working with porcelain and clay, SPOEHR creates beautifully thrown bowls, vases, jugs and cups whose symmetry is offset by the delightful imperfections of dripping edges, speckles and colour graduations. His fine high-fired porcelain have a soft colour palette from whites and clear ash glazes to recent additions of yellows and blues.

However do not think these are quickly "thrown together" forms. Under SPOEHR's eye for curve and balance of space, each piece catches the light and grows with its changing shadow. In each work SPOEHR explores the potential of form, some are delicate and seamless in their smooth surface, whilst others are imbued with a solidity of form and weight. Carefully considered, there is a quiet stillness within each of SPOEHR's works that awaits engagement. The classic, balanced silhouette of each bowl and cup in this series of work is intrinsic to his endeavour for beauty.

There is an alluring contrast between the delicate, light and translucent quality of RICHARD SPOEHR’s pieces and the dark rich satiny glazes of some of PRUE VENABLES’ vessels. Her works reveal more modernist influences, with a hint of the industrial. There is a gentle synchronicity in SPOEHR and VENABLES’ work as they strive for a simple, quiet aesthetic.

Moving away from ceramics that are overtly ornamental, PRUE VENABLES works with forms that refrain from decoration. Their appeal comes from their deceptively simple forms and the purity and luminosity of their glazes. Her pieces are often displayed in pairings or small groups, revealing the rhythmic and spatial relationships between them.

Both RICHARD SPOEHR and PRUE VENABLES approach their ceramic practice with a focus on being equally driven by aesthetics function. These clean and meticulous objects offer room for contemplation. They each create pieces that celebrate domestic forms and their potential to bring joy and rich human connection in their daily appreciation.

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