Steve Lopes - Sleeping Syrian hero

Steve Lopes

Impossible Find
10 July - 4 August 2018
Opening Thursday 12 July, 6 - 8 pm

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In Impossible Find STEVE LOPES acts as lens, revealing a world of transitory figures, travellers and storytellers who are searching for the unknown. 

Drawing from the experiences of his extensive travels, LOPES situates figures within landscapes at points of encounter and transition. Whilst the paintings depict the landscapes of his travels, the figures are imagined, (dis)placed within the composition in hindsight. Selected by LOPES, each figure is a personality that makes up the complex narrative of the traveller figure.

In situating figures approaching towns, traversing through rural landscapes or city streets, the compositions depict people who are unencumbered and undefined by borders or places – free from the restraints of modern institutions. Enhancing the transitory nature of this existence, the deft, fluid movement of LOPES’ brushstrokes creates landscapes that recede and shift in time, place and their realism.

Yet in this transient state there is promise of freedom from the restraints and structures of the everyday. Each work is underlined by questions of what the future holds for these figures – could these places be what they are they looking for? Or is it an impossible find?

Impossible Find presents a universal narrative of people at a threshold, a tipping point, boldly carving out a space in new worlds, in their own terms.

STEVE LOPES was recently awarded the 2018 Gallipoli Art Prize. He travelled to the former battlefields of the Western Front in France and Belgium in 2017 with 10 other well-known Australian artists and was invited to exhibit works in the touring exhibition Salient – Contemporary artists at the Western Front. His work is represented in major public and private collections nationally and internationally.

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