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Deirdre Bean & Riste Andrievski  |  Springwater

1-26 March, 2022

'Springwater' is an exhibition of new work by Deirdre Bean and Riste Andrievski that responds to Dr Tim Liauw's Middle Harbour residence of the same name and Dr Liauw's extensive collection of Australian art.

Bean has created a series of painting for the exhibition that capture domestic details and fleeting moments, reflecting on how the presence of Springwater's owner and resident affects place.

Andrievski has conceived a photographic series that reflects on the architecture of Springwater (both figuratively and literally). Using the reflective steel and glass surfaces of Springwater's built environment, Andrievski's photographs capture the layering of the bush landscape in which the building is situated over its hard constructed surfaces, giving its architecture context.

fusion of light_edited.jpg
Deirdre Bean & Riste Andrievski  |  Springwater: Exhibitions
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