Deirdre Bean - Blue Mackerel and Chopsticks 2020
Deirdre Bean
Boag - Waterhole 2021
Yvonne Boag
Bolotin - Seed A, Acer capillipes
Rae Bolotin
Shadows by Betty Bray
Betty Bray
Annabel Butler 2018 Barnacles #4
Annabel Butler
How to travel with bees by Tanya Chaitow
Tanya Chaitow
Outside City Limits by Virginia Cuppaidge
Virginia Cuppaidge
Travelling Cloud by Janet Dawson
Janet Dawson
Viola Dominello Oyster leases Marra Marra
Viola Dominello
Eisdell - Stuart Town Landscape
Nicolette Eisdell
Mellow Yellow II by Merran Esson
Merran Esson
Yellow Morning, Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong by Rachel Fairfax
Rachel Fairfax
Neutral Bay to the East by Ashley Frost
Ashley Frost
Sydney From the Park - Big Cloud by Rod Holdaway
Rod Holdaway
Rainy Day Birds by Judy Holding
Judy Holding
Holdsworth - Love Me Tender 2021
Di Holdsworth
Kean - Transitions #2 2020
Roslyn Kean
Lobbecke Missing 1 2020
Eric Löbbecke
Rooftop study II, Naples by Steve Lopes
Steve Lopes
Loxton Glenbrook Lagoon
Corinne Loxton
Damoiselle Crane, Calgary by Mary MacQueen
Mary MacQueen
Marr - Crabapple and Bettowynd Creek 2021
Ian Marr
Glimpses by Denese Oates
Denese Oates
Twist by Liz Shreeve
Liz Shreeve
Richard Spoehr large blue ash bowl No. 22
Richard Spoehr
Tringali - Downpour 2020
Tiziana Tringali
Venables Small black pedestal bowl 50 2019
Prue Venables
Warner - Trangie Cups 2021
Lachlan Warner
Anoma - The black wings flap two by two 2019
Anoma Wijewardene
Ring-tailed Lemurs returning at sundown (Berenty, Madagascar) by Ling Yoong
Ling Yoong