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Emergent Artists

Charlotte Fetherston

Charlotte Fetherston is a Sydney-based printmaker and

musician. Specialising in copper-plate etching, Charlotte’s recent work explores how architectural spaces relate to direct and diffused light. To the artist, the play of light on a structure invokes a sense of nostalgia, and the works aim to capture this personal and often fleeting sensation visually. Charlotte also performs professionally as a violist, with the Opera Australia and Sydney Symphony and Orchestras, Lior, the Apollo String Quartet, and has toured Australia with Nigel Kennedy and Hugh Jackman. Charlotte was a 2019 finalist in the Lloyd Rees Youth Memorial Award.

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Charlotte Fetherston: Exhibitions

Xanthe Muston

Xanthe Muston is a young Australian artist based in


Sydney. Influenced by her interest in literature,


Xanthe's practice explores themes of memory,


identity, and the narratives we construct to make


sense of both. Using a range of watercolour, gouache


, ink and oil paint, she explores the complicated ways


that we recall, preserve, and ultimately fictionalise the


past to give a sense of ease in the present. 

Frankie LA

Frankie LA's paintings are a mixture of

opaque and translucent oil paint, as well as oil stick, to display figures scaffolded in spaces and rooms. Her work is grounded in an interest in human connection and conflict as well as the psychology of spaces and home. Frankie LA has been exhibited in galleries around Australia and has been collected internationally

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