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Where to buy... THE WEEK visits an exhibition in a private gallery
Steve Lopes

10 - 16 August 2012
Peter Wright

The Week

One of 13 well-known artists participating in the Not the Way Home desert artists' expedition to Fowlers Gap last year, Steve Lopes is interested in the detritus of everyday life as symbolic of how people interact with the landscape, said Open Gallery in The Sydney Morning Herald. Lopes's command of perspective is clear in figures with "foreshortened torsos and limbs" that "twist, hunch and roll about on the ground". The theme for this exhibition was inspired by Lopes's visits to scrapyards in regional Australia, said the notes to the show. "Lopes deployed a cast of disinterested individuals in stark industrial waste- lands into which they are not fully integrated", where the discarded objects around them become "metaphors for individual worth". Some of the paintings in this show are from that expedition to Fowlers Gap in NSW. In 2011, Lopes was artist-in-residence at the Red Gate Gallery in Beijing.

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