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Where to buy.... David Fairbairn: Insight

13 September 2011
Peter Wright

The Week

The portraits of David Fairbairn are "all about lines - jagged, alive and full of energy", says The Sydney Morning Herald. The inner life of the sitter is revealed in these works that explore, almost topographically, their character. Fellow artist Guy Warren says Fairbairn's portraits "evolve" in the process of making the work. "They seem to gouge the surface to uncover layers of meaning and the very personal association between artist and sitter." But there is nothing flattering in these intense observations of human fragility. Fairbairn has described his technique as "hybrid" - a combination of printmaking, draughtsmanship and painting. 

His works begin with a completed print, which forms the structure for layers of paint that build the work. Since 1981 Fairbairn has received more than 40 awards and prizes, and has featured in almost 20 solo and 80 group exhibitions. He is represented in both public and private collections.

2 Danks St, Waterloo, NSW (02 9319 1006) until 17 September.

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