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Wedderburn artist David Fairbairn presents his Insight exhibition

8 September 2011
Gabriella McNamee

Macarthur Chronicle

AWARD-WINNING artist David Fairbairn is showcasing his new exhibition Insight at Stella Downer Fine Art until Saturday, September 17.

The Doug Moran National Portrait Prize winner and Archibald Prize finalist's exhibition involves a more complex and densely dynamic than his earlier work.

"Although I am primarily known as a draftsman or as a printmaker, my present collection involves more paint, pastel and etchings," Fairbairn said. "This body of work is all about insight - it is about persona, character, personality.

"I am aiming to express my sitters on paper."

There is a great intimacy between artist and models in Fairbairn's work as he explores their inner self, especially when they could share a creative relationship for up to 12 months.

While the works which have led to Fairbairn's acclaim have been in portraiture, he often uses elements from the natural landscape of his home in Wedderburn.

"Insight is a step up from these past pieces of work, as it attempts a narrative dialogue with the subject," he said.

"It is almost a process to record their stories, and I know they have found the experience enriching."

Fairbairn will be returning to Campbelltown in March next year, with his major survey exhibition Lineage, to include works from 1988 to 2010.

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