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UWS sculpture Award & Exhibition 2014
Installation of Denese Oates' Tripla Forza for the University of Western Sydney Sculpture Award 2014

2 May - 1 June, 2014

Denese Oates' large-scale sculpture ‘Tripla Forza' has been installed at the University of Western Sydney Cambelltown campus for the UWS Sculpture Award 2014.

The University of Western Sydney Sculpture Award & Exhibition 2014 opens Friday 2 May, from 2.30 pm until 4 pm. The exhibition runs until 1 June. It is open weekdays 10 am - 5 pm and Saturdays & Sundays 10 am - 4pm.

"Tripla Forza is a symbol of optimism and strength of human spirit in the face of adversity in everyday life. It arose from a series of sculptures Denese made in 2013 by adding sculpted copper plants to various containers, including some red paper coffee cups. While these seedlings are mere fantasies, the impetus came from the make-do practice of propagating plants in containers that come to hand - olive oil tins, pomegranate juice containers, disposable coffee cups . . .

This sculpture refers to our tendency to maintain hope, growth and the propagation of new ideas. It draws attention to the possibilities that spring from new growth.

The name Tripla Forza means triple strength and references the large red coffee cups and the endurance of fresh sprouts." 

Image Details:

Denese Oates Tripla Forza (Triple Strength) 2014 stainless steel, paint, copper, patina 400 x 400 x 250 cm each weighs 280 kg each

Fabricated by Denese Oates & Alex Kosmas
Installed by Denese Oates, Alex Kosmas, Greg Corbett & Paul Shand

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