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See, touch and carry this David

23 August 2011
Elias Jahshan

the Advocate

HORNSBY: The statue of David by Michaelangelo has arrived in Hornsby.

Well, maybe not the real deal, but a rough interpretation by local sculptor John Wright. And if you want to see him in all his glory and touch him, then you better be quick.

When the Advocate caught up with Mr Wright recently at Brewhaha Cafe on the Pacific Hwy, David was making his debut and we were  amused by the number of people who stopped to examine and touch it - many with perplexed expressions.

A number of cars also slowed down to gawk at it as they saw it on the side of the road.

"Its been much more entertaining than I thought it would be," said Mr Wright who lives in Turramurra but has a Hornsby studio.

The sculptor said his statue began as an exercise to understand the process of reproducing a work in a different scale. However, as the statue was taking shape, it became clear that the process produced something very interesting and unique. 

The fact it is made of polystyrene meant it could easily be carried by one person and its size made it suitable for outdoor and mobile exhibits.

"Its purpose is to make art accessible to everyone," Mr Wright said. And in the same vein as the travelling garden gnome in the French movie Amelie, David is set to leave his birthplace of Hornsby and travel around Sydney, and possibly Australia.

"I didn't have any expectations with this - but we'll see how it goes over the next few months," Mr Wright said.

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