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Miki Kubo


Craft Arts International No. 82

There are reasons for Nature being how it is. There is a perfection to it.  Nature does not have doubts or confusion. Nature doesn't "think" or "work things out". It knows - and there's a profound trust in that. Animals know what they are and what they are meant to do.

When I look at Nature, at Life, which we seem to be separated from, I see a purity and connectedness that I long to be a part of.

When I contemplate a concept for my glass form, I find and connect to the spark of life within the subject - a glimpse of its soul and purity is what motivates me and focuses my attention on the real heart of my work, which is the strength of Nature. The process of engraving and carving is aimed at binding this essence into the glass. How the light reflects the image is different for everybody. When figurative imagery is engraving on glass the dance of light and shadow creates the impression of a three dimensional form. This is what makes it so valuable as a medium for representing life. In sand casting for example, there is a sense of frozen time - a pool of liquidity captured forever. Each work is a moment taken from the stream of life - dynamic, but frozen in glass like an insect in amber. My work is done in homage to the Earth Life Forc.

In making a glass engraved work I reach for the very core of being - a life force - to reveal what I worship: a Life, who I am; a Living Being; what I aspire to be - Alive. So through my art I hope others can find some of the peace, truth and joy expressed in my engravings.

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