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Maker/ Wearer/ Matchmaker

18 March 2013


Art Month is exploring the community aspects of jewellery with Maker/Wearer/Matchmaker, a project that will see the directors of nine galleries at 2 Danks St wearing contemporary art jewels that will be created for them by selected NSW jewellers.

The hope of the project is to challenge the boundaries of contemporary jewellery through the creation of new relationships between makers, wearers and viewers and open up fresh ways of thinking while increasing the profile of contemporary jewellery in the art environment.

The collaborative project invites wearers and viewers to contribute to the wearer/maker/matchmaker blog to reflect on their emotional and physical response to the work.

The jewellery will come from jewellery artists invited to submit a 2-3 item proposal in response to art in the galleries. The directors will use these in a matchmaking session as they view the submissions and select works and artists they respond to. The directors will then wear the works created from this in their galleries from the 1st-23rd March.

Concluding with a three day exhibition at studio 20/17 all the art jewellery will be displayed together. Join the artists for celebration drinks and the opportunity discuss the ideas behind the work on Thursday 28th from 6-8pm.

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