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Judy Holding
'Connections II' exhibition

10 - 21 September 2013

Judy Holding Connections II 10 - 21 September 2013 at fortyfive downstairs, Melbourne 

Working in the landscape, particularly in the Top End and more recently in Nepal, the most powerful lesson I have learned is not to look just with my eyes, but to ‘ look ‘ with my ears, fingers and nose too so that the experience involves all my senses. – Judy Holding.

In Connections II Judy is interested primarily in how we, as members of an industrialized and modern world relate to the natural world. Do we see the land as something to merely be exploited or are we going to act collectively in a sympathetic and farsighted way to preserve the connections between all living things? How is a balance achieved? How do we humans realize our place in the order of things?

In order to address these questions Judy has focused particularly on birds and trees as symbols that are universally recognizable and loved by all peoples. She has mostly reduced this image of birds to a silhouette, then carefully chosen a material that extends the idea she’s concerned with. The material is extremely important and is chosen not only for its beauty but most importantly for its symbolic value.

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