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Denese takes craft down to the wire

15 October 2010
Kat Adamski

North Shore Times

DENESE Oates' organic wire sculptures have morphed from fish tales into botanical shapes.

Inspired by nature, she started sculpting marine life about 10 years ago and is now working on plants.

Working largely with metals, she favours copper wire because it is organic and, when it rusts, the piece becomes a "lovely green colour".

"I love working with metal because it takes me on a journey," said Oates, of Willoughby.

She is one of 28 artists, including Lindfield sculptor Belinda Villani, displaying their work in The Artisans in the Gardens exhibition from tomorrow to October 24.

The 10th annual exhibition of fine art and sculpture is at Lion Gate Lodge in the Royal Botanic Gardens from 10am to 4pm daily.

Making and exhibiting art for more than 30 years, Oates' sculptures range from delicate copper creations to robust steel constructions. "At one time I was working with handmade paper and making a lot of masks," the 55-year-old said.

"My work was becoming more and more three-dimensional so I found metal to be ideal because copper is so malleable. I started to design large outdoor pieces inspired by nature."

Her creativity has been aroused on the intricacy of human and botanical vascular systems - as well as "leafs, twigs and bugs". And she said it was a great time of year to be wandering around gardens and exploring art.

Entry to the exhibition is free. All works are for sale, with proceeds supporting the work of the Friends of the Gardens and the Botanic Gardens Trust.

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