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Art for Humanity
Painters and Jewellers for Australian Red Cross

September 2012

AA magazine

This Red Cross project showed how art in its different forms can be used for charity and at the same time benefit the artist, the clients and the community as a whole. Artists, jewellery designers and friends combined their efforts - this may be an example that others can follow.

On 29th May this year, the "Art for Humanity, Painters and Jewellers for Australian Red Cross" exhibition was opened at Depot II Gallery in Waterloo, Sydney. The exhibition allowed a number of well-known Australian artists and jewellery designers to team up with the Australian Red Cross and donate artworks to raise money in the name of charity.

The Australian Red Cross is a nationally renowned organisation dedicated to helping people who are effected by natural disasters, conflict and disadvantages. A number of volunteers worked to put  this exhibition together, notably Irene Thom and Sally Thompson. The artists collaborating in this exhibition donated exceptional art pieces, with some items attracting a $7,000 price tag, and the exhibition was very successful with lots of visitors. 

The organisers were also very successful in publicizing the event, lobbying to get more art pieces donated, arranging a suitable venue, getting volunteers to attend the gallery during the time of the exhibition and helping the curator with hanging of the paintings.

The exhibition was opened on the 31st of May by Terence Maloon, Former Senior Curator at the Art Gallery of New South Wales. The theme for the opening night speech centred on how art gives many times and how it can be appreciated across all branches of society. Di Jay, the Executive Director of the Australian Red Cross, NSW, explained the wide range of activities that the organization undertakes and expressed appreciation for this new approach to support the Red Cross.

The generousity and compassion demonstrated by many Australians resonated throughout the evening amongst the countless volunteers.

Many factors combined to contribute to the success of this charity event. It demonstrates how art can be used for a very good cause and how artists can team up with volunteers to make it more achievable. 

The artists who took part in this event are:


Mary Punchi Clement, Neil Evans, David Fairbairn, Christopher Hodges, Euan Macleod, Michele Morcos, Angus Nivison, Nongirrya, Janie Ward, Jan Weir, Phil Aston Williams, Salwa Woodroffe.


Helena Bogucki, Zoe Brand, Danielle Butters, Melanie Ihnen, Bridget Kennedy, Saori Kita, Jessica McMullen, Melissa Miller, Emma Wood, Shu-Lin Wu, Melissa Young.

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