Tanya Chaitow - Golden Moon hero 2019

Golden Moon: 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing

Tanya Chaitow, Janet Dawson & Di Holdsworth
16 July - 17 August 2019
Opening Saturday 20 July, 3 - 5 pm

Marking the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing, TANYA CHAITOW, JANET DAWSON and DI HOLDSWORTH look back to the moment that shifted Cold War power structures and captured the world’s imagination simultaneously in a single footstep. Embracing the madness that surrounds the moon; the mythologies, the space race to land, the hoax theories of Neil Armstrong’s landing, and even David Bowie’s Space Oddity, the artists revel in the energy and lunacy that the moon can inspire.

A subject of long held affection, the moon first appeared in JANET DAWSON’s early abstract, geometric paintings in the 1970s. It was then at the eve of the millennium, a time of great uncertainty with the prophesised collapse of civilisation, when DAWSON bought a telescope to paint the moon upside down in all its splendour. For DAWSON the return to the moon on the eve of the 50th Anniversary also marks a return to the formalist abstraction that she engages with so deftly. Working at night with the moon in full glow, she remarks upon its compositional quality stating, “The moon is a wonderful point on a surface, an activating force in a painting, it will draw the eye immediately to it”.

Looking to the mythology of the moon, TANYA CHAITOW presents imaginary characters, often part animal, part human as a vision of her personal mythologies. CHAITOW weaves complex narratives that centre on a negotiation of the self and contemplation of the human condition. Playing with the real and the imaginary, CHAITOW engages with the shared imagery of the moon that blurs boundaries of the everyday and the imagined in the macabre moonscapes.

DI HOLDSWORTH revels in the reconstruction of histories and cultural narratives in her musical assemblages. Engineering unique combinations of found objects, movement and sound, her works strike a chord with the mythology and dark lunacy associated with the moon. From space cowboys with Greek Minotaurs and saucy dancers, HOLDSWORTH creates fantastical responses to the iconic 1969 Moon Landing.