About the Gallery

Stella Downer Fine Art was established in 2001 by Stella Downer. The gallery represents eighteen contemporary Australian artists who work across many mediums, including painting, works on paper, sculpture, ceramics and mixed media. 

Stella Downer Fine Art represents emerging, mid-career and established artists. The gallery has a commitment to supporting and promoting sculpture and in particular placing works in both urban and rural environments.

Stella Downer Fine Art is also on Facebook (www.facebook.com/stelladownerfineart),Twitter (www.twitter.com/StellaDowner) and Instagram @stelladowner_fineart (www.instagram.com/stelladowner_fineart/).

The gallery provides regular updates about new artworks, exhibition openings, the latest news about artists, as well as events at the gallery and in other parts of the Australian art world.

About the Director, Stella Downer

Stella Downer is a very well respected art dealer, consultant and valuer. Stella has worked with leading contemporary galleries for over twenty-five years. Stella was the manager in Sydney of the well-known Roslyn Oxley 9 gallery, Macquarie Galleries and Australian Galleries before opening her own gallery in 2001.

Previously Stella has worked in the auction industry managing sections of Christies London and Christies Australia. Stella has been a member of the S.H.Ervin Art Advisory Committee Sydney for over twelve years and is also on the board of the South East Area Health Service. Since 2001 she has been a member of the Woollahra Small Sculpture Committee helping organise their annual shows. Stella’s other board commitments include the Australian Centre for Asian Art and Archaeology, University of Sydney. A supporter of the National Art School Sydney, Stella was on the Accreditation Board to assess their standing for BA Fine Arts. 

Stella is a valuer for the Cultural Gifts Program, Department for the Arts, Canberra, Australia. The Department of the Arts is a government body and has strict guidelines for the recruitment of valuers. Stella’s extensive knowledge of, and experience in, the Australian and international art world ensures that she is regarded as one of the top valuers within this organisation.


Stella Downer Fine Art is located at 1/24-30 Wellington Street, Waterloo.