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Hu Qinwu - New Abstraction from China

20 July - 21 August 2010

HU Qinwu invites us to traverse the landscapes of his imagination, and to come to rest, as he does, in the meditative spaces there.

Sensitive works by leading Beijing artist HU Qinwu present an aspect of contemporary art from China not usually seen in Australia. Borne of the scholarly tradition of Chinese ink painting but defying the confines of culture and category, time and place, HU Qinwu's command of ink, tempera, acrylic, oil and print media signals the germination of an exciting new approach to traditional techniques and the burgeoning of an abstract style amongst a young generation of artists in Beijing.

HU Qinwu immerses himself in the private world of his paintings and prints, but his is not the world of pop art or cynical realism. Creating order from chaos with his unplanned approach, HU has developed a highly original style characterised by richly textured surfaces which shimmer with vitality and rhythm. Enigmatic and intimate, HU's mixed media works contain a dialogue of oppositions - thought and action, day and night, space and fullness, control and release, microcosm and macrocosm, mutability and austerity are all suspended in perfect confluence. Distillations of the different energies associated with thinking and creating, they emit a gentle but moving spirituality.

Hu Qinwu graduated in 1990 from Taian Normal Academy, Shandong, China with a major from from the Oil Painting Specialty Department and he was awarded a Masters in Painting, Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2008, receiving an award for Best Innovative Idea from the academy. Currently he lives and works in Beijing as a painter, photographer and printmaker.

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