Trevor Weekes Sublime 2018 hero image

Trevor Weekes

9 October - 3 November 2018
Opening Thursday 11 October, 6 - 8 pm

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TREVOR WEEKES presents SUBLIME, an exhibition that engages with the age-old question – what is beautiful?

Returning to a recurring motif in his practice, birds are WEEKES’ subjects of exploration – visual expressions underlain by humour, cultural and personal meaning. Throughout art history, birds, synonymous with flight, have been used to depict humanity’s hopes and dreams. With a rich lineage of visual symbolism they can connote both the human and divine spirit by linking earth and sky in their freedom of movement.

Playing with colour, narrative and form WEEKES creates engaging compositions inspired by what he connotes as “beautiful” for the viewer to examine. From red finches to hummingbirds and a red Cardinal, to albino owls, ravens, peacocks, a dove, a white myna bird and a large albino emu, WEEKES distils his palette to colours of white and red, which results in unexpected yet balanced, complimentary couplings.

In true WEEKES style the works are elegantly layered with clues and symbolism for the viewer to unpick. Objects such as thorns – beautiful yet dangerous – or candles – that shed light but can also burn – present playful outcomes in their duality of meaning.

As such in the pursuit of beauty, SUBLIME is a richly layered exhibition, one that challenges and takes the viewer on various trajectories to anywhere but one answer.

TREVOR WEEKES was born in Orange, NSW and taught at the University of Newcastle. In 1999 he was awarded his PhD, Newcastle University and in 1994 he gained his Masters of Fine Art from the College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales. In 2011 Weekes completed a residency at Red Gate Gallery in Beijing. His work is represented in public collections across Australia, as well as many private collections in the USA, Britain, Spain and Australia.