Chaos or Control - Marnie Ross, 'Seconds pass' series

Mike Barnard, Lada Dedić, Merran Esson, Ingrid, Gareth Jenkins, Marnie Ross, Ralph Stanton, Kai Wasikowski, & Yioryios

Chaos or Control
7 November - 16 December
Opening Saturday 11 November, 3 - 5 pm

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Featuring artists from Square One Studios in Alexandria, Sydney. In collaboration with Sean Morris.

Drawing from the gallery’s soirée at Square One Studios, Stella Downer Fine Art presents a group exhibition Chaos or Control, featuring new works by MIKE BARNARD, LADA DEDIĆ, MERRAN ESSON, INGRID, GARETH JENKINS, MARNIE ROSS, RALPH STANTON, KAI WASIKOWSKI and YIORYIOS.

MERRAN ESSON’s ceramics draw from vessels in the rural landscape, inspired by her childhood in the Upper Murray. Old water tanks and buckets are recreated in bright, elegant forms; yet still retain nostalgic marks of their origin. From the two-dimensional to the sculptural, YIORYIOS creates architectural forms that bend, fold and contort. Working with bold acrylic colours and aluminium, his painterly sculptures can be seen as a form of expansive painting.

Working across readymade materials and multimedia, KAI WASIKOWSKI’s latest work responds to a journey to the Southern Alps of New Zealand, disassembling backdrops of landscapes to deconstruct the romantic notion of the sublime in nature. Turning to science, LADA DEDIĆ methodically cross-stitches the intricate MRI images of her brain; stitched on bright swathes of cloth they are given a new physicality.

Colour grabs you when looking at the pulsating rhythm of abstract painter RALPH STANTON’s works. Non-representational STANTON is interested in space with no time. MARNIE ROSS in turn responds to light, movement and time, creating organic forms and structures that play with natural layering and evolving light patterns.

Working intuitively, INGRID uses processes including collage, sgraffito, scarring, sanding back and layering to highlight, destroy, subdue or reveal elements within her work. These abstracted paintings are inspired by her environment, experiences and memories.

MIKE BARNARD explores the relationship between ethics and aesthetics via interrogations of reality and fiction in painting, photography, sculpture, and video. GARETH JENKINS has a preoccupation with text in its handwritten and printer form. Working with collage, JENKINS layers and intertwines text on various mediums with found material to distort and deconstruct the patterns of text that we have come to associate meaning with.

Lada Dedić (represented by M. Contemporary)

Merran Esson (represented by Stella Downer Fine Art)

Yioryios (represented by Artereal Gallery)