Caponeira #1

Caponeira #2

Caponeira #3

Rectangle Piece #1

Rectangle Piece #2

Rectangle Piece #3
Paul Higgs
Paul Higgs
Paul Higgs
03, Italian Sketchbook Series
Paul Higgs
06, Italian Sketchbook Series
Paul Higgs
07, Italian Sketchbook Series
Paul Higgs
10, Italian Sketchbook Series

Plus Ultra




Ivor Fabok, Paul Higgs, Bruce Radke

22 February - 19 March 2011

IVOR FABOK, PAUL HIGGS and BRUCE RADKE explore the possibilities of abstraction. IVOR FABOK is interested in the relationship of colour to sculptural form. PAUL HIGGS creates constructs in collage and paint. His compositions are a considered balance of complex opposites. BRUCE RADKE is highly respected for his skill as a sculptor and for over twenty years he has been creating seamless works.

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