Janet Dawson
Three Bunya Pine Cones, one sprouting
Paul Higgs
Ingrid Johnstone
Ian Marr
Second Valley, South Australia
Liz Shreeve
White on Navy, Skin Series
Janet Dawson
Green Apples & Stones
Guy Stuart
River Bank
Janet Dawson
Four Trunk Tree III
Miik Green
Dictyophora Lumo


Thick. Thin. Vivid. Muted. Textural. Painterly. Smooth. Tonal. Luscious. Scraped. Dotted. Sprayed. Dripped.

24 Mar - 18 Apr 2009

PAINT is a group exhibition of works by MERRICK BELYEA, JANET DAWSON, VIOLA DOMINELLO, ASHLEY FROST, MIIK GREEN, PAUL HIGGS, INGRID JOHNSTONE, IAN MARR, MORAG MILLER, LIZ SHREEVE, GUY STUART and LESLEY TURNBULL. PAINT will explore the many ways in which paint is used in contemporary art. The uses of paint will surprise, delight and amaze.

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All works are copyright the artist