Rae Bolotin
Seed Tree 7
Annabel Butler
Backyard Brollies
Annabel Butler
Backyard Brollies, Morning Variation
Annabel Butler
Backyard Brollies, Evening Variation
Tanya Chaitow
Wishing you were here
Janet Dawson
A Scribble Rock, memory
Merran Esson
Eurowie Cliff
Viola Dominello
Studio Interior
Rachel Fairfax
Toy Painting 1, Childhood 1
Ashley Frost
Things are looking up
Rod Holdaway
Woman Thinking
Judy Holding
Dry Mallee
Judy Holding
Blue Mallee
Di Holdsworth
The Abduction of Europa
Steve Lopes
Headland View
Ian Marr
Denese Oates
Liz Shreeve
Mediation on the Constancy of Variation
Trevor Weekes
Rosella: Wollombi

Rae Bolotin, Annabel Butler, Tanya Chaitow, Janet Dawson, Viola Dominello, Merran Esson, Rachel Fairfax, Ashley Frost, Rod Holdaway, Judy Holding, Di Holdsworth, Steve Lopes, Ian Marr, Denese Oates, Liz Shreeve & Trevor Weekes

A Stella(r) Renaissance

17 June - 15 July 2017 2017

Stella(r) - from late Latin stellaris, from Latin stella - star. Firstly, referring to the quality line up of star performers in the Gallery.

Renaissance - from French renaissance - re- back, again + naissance birth (from Latin nascentia, from nasci - be born).

Good things come to those that wait, and A Stella Renaissance throws open the new gallery doors to present work from each artist in a group show with RAE BOLOTIN, ANNABEL BUTLER, TANYA CHAITOW, JANET DAWSON, VIOLA DOMINELLO, MERRAN ESSON, RACHEL FAIRFAX, ASHLEY FROST, ROD HOLDAWAY, JUDY HOLDING, DI HOLDSWORTH, STEVE LOPES, IAN MARR, DENESE OATES, LIZ SHREEVE AND TREVOR WEEKES.

It has been an exceptional year for our artists. Travelling internationally, STEVE LOPES and IAN MARR have walked and responded to the histories of the Western Front in France; ASHLEY FROST explored the scenes of Tokyo; and VIOLA DOMINELLO returned from Europe - a constant source of inspiration.

Immersed in the landscape, ceramics by MERRAN ESSON and sculpture by DENESE OATES have been framed by the mountainous surrounds at Scenic World; JANET DAWSON has been depicting views of the landscape around her home in Victoria; and LIZ SHREEVE tested the limits of her paper sculpture in the natural environment - which exceeded all expectations. Bringing nature under the microscope TREVOR WEEKES presents a sensitive watercolour of a Rosella; JUDY HOLDING paints silhouettes in the landscape; and RAE BOLOTIN returns with her dynamic and fluid apple core sculpture.

Engaging with the social geography of the city, ANNABEL BUTLER reveals patterns of small minutiae in the urban landscape, whilst ROD HOLDAWAY reflects upon the human subject within the urban jungle. In the hustle and bustle of the city, RACHEL FAIRFAX draws upon the tricycle as a reminder of the simple pleasures of young life. Playing with the everyday and the eccentricities of cultural folklore and traditions, DI HOLDSWORTH presents an assemblage that bucks the Greek myth around, and TANYA CHAITOW moonlights with her old friend Ai Weiwei.

Rich varied and full of energy, A Stella Renaissance is an exciting showcase of the now, and a taste from each artist of what is to come.

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All works are copyright the artist